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I made this blog to have a place to post longer, more in-depth thoughts on various fandom media, literature, pop culture, or whatever I’m currently thinking about or reacting to at the moment.

My personal interests include: Christian-Biblical themes, history, queer interpretations, BL manga and fujoshi-adjacent subjects, Ikuhara anime, zines, fandom overall, and much more. I very much enjoy finding weird but interesting thematic connections between things that intrigue me. 


This blog is maintained mostly as a fairly sporadic hobby, but I have had a couple short reviews and discussion featured in Women Write About Comics. I also often live-tweet on my twitter about what I’m currently reading or watching!

I really enjoy hearing people’s thoughts and reactions to my thoughts as well, since I am just one person and enjoy extra perspectives, so feel free to leave comments on posts, or send an ask to my tumblr inbox!



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